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Mission Statement

“While developing a child’s mental and physical skills, The Lansing Soccer Club is also designed to create an environment that nurtures a child’s love of the game. Our children learn good sportsmanship, how to honor their communities, the principals of respect and tolerance for all, and how a city can be built when a round ball and committed families come together.  In short, we teach children values that are critical to success on and off the field.”


It all started in the fall of 1999 when a group of elementary school students  under the age of 7 played in the Lansing Parks and Recreation League to represent North Elementary School in Lansing. Today many of those youngsters are playing college soccer and fulfilling their dreams of obtaining a college degree.

After a year in existence, North Elementary School was able to fill 10 teams in the Lansing Parks  and Recreational League. Due to the  success and demand in the community to grow the sport of soccer in Lansing , in 2001 it was time to move on to play  in the Capital Area Soccer League under a newly created Lansing Soccer Club.

Through the years we have  trained and taught the skills of the game to more than  a thousand players, we currently provide services to youngsters starting at the age of 6 all the way through high school. The growth of the club has allowed us to be able to form teams in all ages for both girls and boys. In addition, many of our parents have become so passionate for the game that they have began to learn the game of soccer and give their best possible effort to engage in adult soccer leagues.

In 2006, we had one of our players(Ali Philmon) win a state championship for East Lansing High School and another player(RJ Ruckerts) earned a scholarship to play soccer at Indiana Tech University.

The initial success was largely due to our founding President Sergio Keck, among many others.  The fine leadership was carried forward by Bruce Winters and the current board was formed in the summer of 2016 and includes Todd Otten, Sam Saldivar, Carolyn Rambo, Chad Stevenson, ANdy Marple and Jon Pilcher.

All this success is credited to the volunteer soccer coaches who  are former players  and are now willing to joyfully teach our children the basic skills of soccer. We are honored to have had experienced and licensed coaches such as; Todd Otten, Jon Pilcher, Jason Lounds, Kalman Hauk, Sam Saldivar, Andy Marple, Stephane Awuro and Ramon Rosas. The Lansing Soccer Club provides some of the best training to the Mid-Michigan area youth for a very accessible price.

We thank all the families who contribute to our fundraisers so we can offer full and partial scholarships. The Lansing Soccer Club goal is to make our program available to all children who want to play the beautiful game of soccer. Come and see us practice any time at the Old Everett Park ” where the city’s future stars are being developed”.

Todd Otten, Lansing Soccer Club President

Q: My child is interested in playing soccer, what is our next step? 

A: We would love to have your child join LSC! LSC has tryouts each June for placement in the following academic year. After tryouts, your child will be assigned a team based on his/her age, and a practice/game schedule will be provided. If your child would like to join the Lansing Soccer Club but tryouts have already passed for the current season, a supplemental tryout is possible, in such a case please contact us.


Q: What kind of time commitment is required of a child in LSC?

A: While each team has their own schedule, you can expect 2 after-school practices per week (for approximately 1.5 hours), and typically 1 game each week (most often on the weekend). Our fall soccer season runs from late August through the end of October and our spring season runs from early April through the end of May. Indoor soccer opportunities are also available during the winter months.


Q: What will Lansing Soccer Club teach my child?

A: LSC will teach your child the basic skills needed to play the game at a competitive level while also fostering appreciation for community. Most important of all, LSC will teach your child how to love of the game. LSC wants all children to experience the joy this sport offers and how they can in turn, share this joy with others.


Q: As a parent I am interested in volunteering with LSC. What are my options?

A: Thank you for your interest! There are many options to help out with LSC including coaching/managing a team, and assisting with the planning and organizing of LSC events. Please contact us for more information on how you can get involved.


Q. What Fees can be expected, and when are they due?

A: Fees will be collected before the season begins, for 2015-2016 fees will be due July 17th.  The amount varies depending on the age group, but you will have the option to pay in one, or two installments. U9 and U10 pay $130 in one payment, or two payments of $70. U11 and U12 pay one payment of $150, or two payments of $80; U13, U14, and older pay one payment of $170, or two of $90. If you choose to pay your child’s fees in two installments, the due dates for payment are July 17th and November 1st.


Q. What additional costs should I expect?

A: Your club fees will cover your league dues to CASL as well as the referee teams required for your team. The only additional cost you may pay will be to purchase a new uniform if needed. Uniforms need to be ordered by July 17th and typically cost $30-$40 based on the size of the order. Additionally, many teams choose to play indoor soccer in the winter at Soccerzone. Parents and players will be required to pay any fees charged by Soccerzone for enrollment in winter soccer (typically around $50 a session).


Q. Is financial assistance available?

A: Yes, Last year LSC players received over $9,000 in scholarships. If you are worried about how to pay for soccer please contact us and we will do everything we can to help you. A player can receive up to $75 in scholarship per season. The Lansing Soccer Club is built on the idea that money should not prevent a child from learning the beautiful game.  More information on scholarships can be found at the CASL web site, or contacting us.


Q. What paper work will my child need to play?

A: The LSC requires new club members to provide a copy of their birth certificate; in addition, a concussion release form is required by CASL, along with a medical release form (all documents are available in our forms section). These forms must be completed and turned in by the first day of practice. Forms can be give to any coach or LSC board member.

Mission Statement

"The LSC Newcomer soccer team provides a gateway from war to peace for refugee and immigrant youth. The Newcomers hail from many nations and speak multiple languages. Soccer, however, is their common language. LSC Newcomers study together, play together, and together they dream of a world and life far from the genocide, persecution, and horror they have endured. This soccer team bridges children and challenges them to seize the opportunity and celebrate their assets."

About The Newcomers

Twenty-three years after his own arrival to our city, in 2001 LSC’s founder and president dreamed of bringing the game of soccer to the most underrepresented children in our community so they could find a place to belong, have fun, and develop skills that would serve them on and off the soccer field. Unknown to each other at the time, a year later the Refugee Development Center was created to provide educational and cultural pathways for families to become self-sufficient and thus escape the war-torn countries and oppression they had known before coming to the US. From there, fast forward ten years and add one more dream to the mix. The dream a handful boys had to play soccer for a team. A real team with uniforms, games, shiny new soccer balls, and a tapestry of coaches and adults in full support of their endeavor!

The Newcomers allows the kids to have fun while learning and building important life skills like teamwork, perseverance, and giving back.[/caption] Three dreams converged in 2012 and from there the LSC Newcomers were made. Though the story could have ended there, this was just the beginning of a tale that would bring surprises, opportunity, and life-lessons only a venture with this history, this mix of children, and this team of dedicated adults could deliver. 

  • Academic Enrichment
  • Cultural Adjustment Support
  • Soccer Training

The formation of this team was inspired by the Fugees and exists because of the generous support of local donors, community partners, and an interdisciplinary team of staff offering specialized support, instruction, and training. We thank the Greater Lansing Community!

flagsCountries represented by the Newcomers: (Top Row) Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, Colombia (Middle Row) Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Jordan, Nepal (Bottom Row) Rwanda, Somalia, United States, Zimbabwe


Old Everett Park


Harry Hill Vocational Center


Soccerzone Lansing

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